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Science and magic were kin to each other, but distant where it counted. The balance was a careful one between the chemical reactions and formulas of men and the ancient powers of the gods, entrusted to the likes of him...eternal powers that had lived and moved long before the animal called Man was a glimmer in the eye of the Creator. For many lifetimes, Merlin used both to full advantage, rarely blending the two as one, for science was new and magic was volatile.

The world was losing its need for kings, but warriors were needed, soldiers for the light. And that was what his kind were for, the ancient ones, the Kingmakers and mages: they lived to fill a need.

He began with the idea of one body from many parts, but soon resolved to take a single body and make it incorruptible. The pauper's grave was old, perhaps a hundred years or so, the vermin having long since made a meal of the rancid flesh to leave behind a skeleton charred by fire. It was a small thing, a child's task, to return flesh to bone, but he labored for years in an effort to wipe the final scars away, without success. He could restore the body, but the horrors of its end would never come away.

When flesh and sinew were restored, Merle was pleased to find his specimen was handsome, a man blessed with distinguished features and Roman coloring. Still a corpse on a slab, Merle named him Gabriel, for like God's own herald, his birth would announce to the world that a new age was dawning.

Through the ancient will of Osiris and the chemistry of compounds injected into his blood, he would never die because of age, remain eternally young and healthy. Through the invocation of the Catholic God and the power of the saints, divinity would mend broken flesh, and careful application of the power from the skies, lightning and electricity, honed muscle tissue and endurance to a fine edge to bless living tissue with strength untold, and stamina only seen in a dozen strong, healthy men.

All that was left was to recall life itself to the dead.

The platform containing Gabriel's body sat outside in a protective circle cast at the peak of the full moon. A thunderstorm was predicted, and as it raged Merle struggled with the last of his work, a lightning rod clamped to the edge of the wood, with wires coiled at the wrists, throat, and across the broad chest to ensure the most vital pulse points and chakras would be infused with the full charge needed to restore life to the flesh.

Once done, he swept away the rainwater dripping into his face and gazed down at his creation, trussed in wire and sterile linen, waiting to be reborn. Laying a hand on its shoulder, he felt for a moment as a father might when a child is to be born.

"Creator protect us both, my son!" he called over the storm. "And may he guide you safely back to us!"

Merle hurried back into the house, door left open as he stood in the doorway, dripping on his own floor, and waited.

An hour later, the thunder and lightning began to draw closer. An hour after that, it was all but on top of them.

One hour after that, a bolt of lightning finally gave its life-giving power to the corpse outside.

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Pain. There was nothing but pain. No sound left him, his body tensing and jerking against its will. It wasn't very long before more movement was allowed, although there was a brief moment where his body went one direction and something held the rest of him towards the bed. Another jerk allowed the rest of his body to fall, leaving him prone on the flat surface beneath him. His entire body shook, limbs twisting about as if they didn't know what to do with themselves.

His head came up and the hazel eyes took in the world around him, not understanding anything they saw. His legs flopped about, his arms struggling to lift himself upward. He turned partly to the side and cried out as his eyes looked upward and couldn't see anything anymore, finding safety looking down once more.

He began to lift himself upward once again, his muscles straining as his torso rose from the floor. The hazel eyes blinked blearily, catching sight of something drawing closer.


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The eyes looked at him with complete incomprehension. A strangled sound escaped him as he was pulled upwards, his legs forced to carry his weight.

Upright for the first time, most of his weight was not on his legs, leaning against that which had pulled him upright. His legs flopped around for a few moments before managed to plant his foot flat on the ground. It wasn't very long after that where he eased his weight onto it, followed by putting his second foot on the ground and doing the same with that. Standing upright with precarious balance, he turned his head sideways, his expression excitable. "'Oy!"

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He felt himself pulled forward, and a squeal of delight left him as he trudged in that direction, his legs not quite under him as his body reminded him how to move. Awkwardly, the two men moved, and it was easier to see.

The eyes looked around. Things weren't falling anymore. It was easier to see. The thing that had blinded him before didn't hurt as much to look at. He stumbled toward it, instead falling onto his knees and ending up a tangled mass of limbs as he managed to sit himself on the floor. He looked upwards, hazel eyes wide, as his body began to shake of its own accord.

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He found himself looking at something unfamiliar to him, yet the sight brought him comfort. "'Ad!" Using his limbs, he rose to his feet and began to awkwardly walk in the forward direction once more, going where he was led. Looking downward, he found his limbs looking just like the others, even if they weren't working the same way. With some effort, he was able to draw his legs closer to one another, trying to mimic the other man's movements.

Then everything changed. Whatever was falling on him before wasn't anymore, although he was feeling its effects. His body began to tremble harder, his jaw chattering slightly.

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He just watched as the other man ran the object over him, frowning softly as he took it in. After a few minutes of this, he gripped it and pulled, taking it for himself. As if experimenting, he mimicked what had just been done, running it along himself. It felt nice.

A giggle escaped him, and he pushed forward, stumbling and falling to his knees to do the same to the other one like he'd done to him. He lacked the other's coordination, but his arms were flailing far less than they had been earlier, and it was obvious he was not trying to kill him, but dry him. Despite the occasional accidental shove and punch that happened in the process.

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A squealing sound escaped him as he found himself unable to see again, but soon it was obvious what the other was doing. He brought his limbs up and began to mimic what the other was doing.

When the other rose, he joined him, rising to his feet to follow, extending his hand to curl around the other's shoulder like he had been before, exclaiming excitedly before moving forward with him.

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For the briefest of moments, his eyes widened and he extended his arms out towards the other as he moved away in an attempt to grab him again. If he'd had control of his limbs, it might have worked. "Alk!"

When the other stopped and looked at him, it didn't take long for him to realize the other had moved away without him. He could do that! Looking down at his legs, he began to do what he'd done earlier, awkwardly walking after him to where he stood. It was a vast improvement from his first steps, but coordination was something he was definitely going to need to work on. "Oy!" He exclaimed excitedly, grinning broadly at the other as he did.

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He wondered what was being done to him, finding himself looking at the things as the other tried to wrap him up in it. He protested only slightly as he was lifted onto one limb, then the other, but soon both feet were back on the floor. He pulled at the new things, looking at them in awe. Looking at the other, he noticed he had something like that and tugged at the other's end of the thing before tugging on his own, proudly showing how they now were even more alike.

He followed the other once again, sniffing at the new thing. That thing caused something to happen within him, and his mouth watered. He looked at the other, then at the new thing. "Time?" He asked, his mouth slowly wrapping itself around the word, pointing at the new thing.

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He listened carefully as the other spoke, his brows dropping into a slight frown in concentration. "Stew," he repeated. "Bowl."

He watched as the other brought the stew up to him, then gave him something to do the same. Once more, he mimicked the other, bringing the stew up to himself, too. Instinct took over then, and he swallowed the stew eagerly. He brought his other limb up to wave at himself, but the sensation left quickly and he returned his attention to the stew.

He listened still, between bites of the stew. "Time?" He pointed at the other, trying to label the other as 'time'.

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So the other was Merlin. He blinked owlishly at Merlin when he touched him and called him Gabriel. So he was Gabriel?

He didn't quite understand what Merlin was saying, so instead he tapped himself. "Garel," he tried to say, then frowned and tried again, slower so he could get it right. "Gapriel." The frown deepened. "Gabriel," he got out finally. With a satisfied nod, he pointed at Merlin. "Erle." A beat. "Nerle." A shake of the head and another attempt. "Merle."

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Gabriel frowned at Merlin's explanation, not comprehending his words. So he went back to the stew, watching Merlin carefully in case he gave him other things to label.

"Stew." He found himself with a complete lack of word for what he wished to relay, so instead he ate more of it. Whatever was going on, it was obvious that things weren't normal for Gabriel just yet.

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Gabriel looked at him with slightly wide eyes, taking in all the words that he was saying as he pointed at them. When he pointed at the hearth and the fireplace, his body tensed, only easing when Merlin's limb settled over his own.

Something he didn't know? Gabriel looked at him with an expression similar to a wounded puppy, then glanced back at the fireplace nervously. Lifting his hand, he pointed at the fire, a dark expression crossing his features. "Fire. Bad."

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Gabriel looked at Merlin curiously as he spoke, watching his expression carefully. He regretted something. Not saving him from those scars? "...Know?" What did he know? What scars was he referring to?


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