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Science and magic were kin to each other, but distant where it counted. The balance was a careful one between the chemical reactions and formulas of men and the ancient powers of the gods, entrusted to the likes of him...eternal powers that had lived and moved long before the animal called Man was a glimmer in the eye of the Creator. For many lifetimes, Merlin used both to full advantage, rarely blending the two as one, for science was new and magic was volatile.

The world was losing its need for kings, but warriors were needed, soldiers for the light. And that was what his kind were for, the ancient ones, the Kingmakers and mages: they lived to fill a need.

He began with the idea of one body from many parts, but soon resolved to take a single body and make it incorruptible. The pauper's grave was old, perhaps a hundred years or so, the vermin having long since made a meal of the rancid flesh to leave behind a skeleton charred by fire. It was a small thing, a child's task, to return flesh to bone, but he labored for years in an effort to wipe the final scars away, without success. He could restore the body, but the horrors of its end would never come away.

When flesh and sinew were restored, Merle was pleased to find his specimen was handsome, a man blessed with distinguished features and Roman coloring. Still a corpse on a slab, Merle named him Gabriel, for like God's own herald, his birth would announce to the world that a new age was dawning.

Through the ancient will of Osiris and the chemistry of compounds injected into his blood, he would never die because of age, remain eternally young and healthy. Through the invocation of the Catholic God and the power of the saints, divinity would mend broken flesh, and careful application of the power from the skies, lightning and electricity, honed muscle tissue and endurance to a fine edge to bless living tissue with strength untold, and stamina only seen in a dozen strong, healthy men.

All that was left was to recall life itself to the dead.

The platform containing Gabriel's body sat outside in a protective circle cast at the peak of the full moon. A thunderstorm was predicted, and as it raged Merle struggled with the last of his work, a lightning rod clamped to the edge of the wood, with wires coiled at the wrists, throat, and across the broad chest to ensure the most vital pulse points and chakras would be infused with the full charge needed to restore life to the flesh.

Once done, he swept away the rainwater dripping into his face and gazed down at his creation, trussed in wire and sterile linen, waiting to be reborn. Laying a hand on its shoulder, he felt for a moment as a father might when a child is to be born.

"Creator protect us both, my son!" he called over the storm. "And may he guide you safely back to us!"

Merle hurried back into the house, door left open as he stood in the doorway, dripping on his own floor, and waited.

An hour later, the thunder and lightning began to draw closer. An hour after that, it was all but on top of them.

One hour after that, a bolt of lightning finally gave its life-giving power to the corpse outside.

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It was a difficult thing to grasp, trying to realize he had been alive before. Death by fire. His eyes looked sideways at the fireplace and absently drew away from it slightly.

"Live again," he echoed, dropping his eyebrows in confusion. Death was final, wasn't it? Or was he not remembering something right?

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Gabriel's eyes widened, but somehow, he didn't seem startled. He didn't understand the words Merlin just used, but he could see proof of it. Could he do something like that?

Looking down at his chest, he drew his tunic forward and looked down at the angry red lines that marred his skin. Frowning, he spent some time focusing, his body remembering what to do, even if his mind didn't. Slowly, the redness began to fade, leaving unmarked skin beneath his tunic.

His eyes looked back at Merlin, then pointed at himself curiously. "Wizard?"

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His body tensed at the term 'witch', but the reason why was lost on him. So instead he relaxed, listening to Merlin's words once again. He didn't understand any of it, so instead he just nodded and went back to eating his stew.

Gabriel finished his meal, frowning down into the bowl. He shook his head a bit, trying to recall something. Something important. But there was a barrier, something preventing him from remembering it. More frustratingly, the more he thought about it, the further away it seemed to get.

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Gabriel shook his head fiercely, motioning absently with his hands. "Remember. Not remember." He motioned to his mind, then to where Merlin had drawn the invisible line before, tapping the tabletop lightly, then tracing where the line had been. "Alive. Not remember." And that was important. It was important to remember.

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"Things... Done to me?" Gabriel questioned, the frown still in place. Those things were keeping him from remembering. Maybe knowing that would help him remember.

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Gabriel knew what the bed was for, some instinct told him that. But he was far from tired. If he was raised from the dead, then he had been sleeping for far too long. Taking Merlin's words to heart, he didn't leave the home, instead exploring the home. It seemed endless, and there were books everywhere. The thought made his heart ache in a way he couldn't understand, and that made him hurt worse.

Taking one off the shelf gingerly, Gabriel opened it to the beginning.

He didn't know how much time had passed, but by the time he looked up from the pages he had been reading, he could see the sun's rays peeking through the window. Ignoring Merlin and the pile of books that had formed around him overnight, Gabriel moved to the window, looking awestruck at the rising sun. "Apollo," he breathed. He looked over his shoulder at Merlin, and smiled broadly. "Leave the house now, Merlin?"

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Gabriel smiled broadly, excitedly moving past Merlin to go back towards the first room they had sat in together. "Tell me? About village? Books talk about Greece. In Greece?" The words were still slightly awkward, but Gabriel was far more comfortable about what he was saying than the night before. Be it that he learned new words from the books, or the words on the page had started to remind him of things he used to know, was unclear. But it was obvious the books did have an impact on him.

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Gabriel took the boots and watched Merlin put on the boots before doing the same with the ones he had been handed. They weren't very comfortable, but it was the least of Gabriel's concerns.

He paused, looking at Merlin curiously. "'Brittania left the empire in 409,'" Gabriel remarked, reciting from a book he'd read. "What year now?" He rose, the laces tugged at the top, but relatively loose because he found them more uncomfortable when they were pulled tighter.

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Gabriel looked confused once again. "When? Know?" He paused, recalling the conversation from the night before. "'Pauper's grave.' Tell you?"

The dates simply had no context. Gabriel simply couldn't bring himself to be upset over a past he didn't remember. It bothered him, it frustrated him, but whether he'd been dead or a year or three hundred simply meant nothing to him.

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A century. Whatever life he had before was long behind him. Maybe it was a good thing he didn't remember his previous life. Knowing exactly what he had left behind was probably worse than simply not knowing.

So much could have changed in the past hundred years. Gabriel wondered if he would be more or less lost if he had kept the memories of his past in the present. If he knew what had changed, rather than simply not remembering it at all.

"Thank you." After a beat, he motioned outside. "Stroll?"

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Gabriel blinked in surprise, but wrapped himself up in the coat without another prompt. He followed Merlin outside, and didn't get very far before he stopped in his tracks.

The sun was just coming up over the treeline, the water from the rain the night before leaving little crystals in their surroundings. "Beautiful," he said softly, awed by the sights around him.

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Gabriel stepped forward slightly, moving to stand before a nearby bush. Reaching out, he stroked one of the leaves with his fingertips and grinned softly as the moisture came away. He looked back towards the sun as Merlin spoke.

"Not a day old. Baby, then." Gabriel looked over at him and smiled broadly, as if pleased he'd made the association on his own. "Alive again," he corrected.

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When Merlin got a blank look on his face, Gabriel moved to him, slinging an arm around his shoulders in a similar way to how Merlin had done so the night before.

When he spoke of prophecy, Gabriel looked at him in confusion once more. "Not understand. Prophecy?"

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